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Yeni Dünya Foundation Headquarters

Historical Hadım Hasan Paşa Madrasa where the Yeni Dünya Foundation Headquarters are operating, is the flesh and bones of the responsibility “Foundation is to revive; to look after, to have loyalty towards history; to carry it forward to the future!”

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Yeni Dünya Foundation was established in 1996. The headquarters of our foundation is the Hadım Hasan Paşa Madrasa located in Cağaloğlu, Istanbul. The Foundation has one (1) branch in Ankara Hacı Bayram and eighteen (18) representation offices in various regions of Turkey.

Yeni Dünya Foundation grants scholarships to more than a thousand students studying in our country and in different universities around the world every year. In addition to granting scholarships, Yeni Dünya Foundation endeavors to prepare students for life in the best possible way.

Education is the fundamental condition for success. For this reason, our Foundation aims for our students to flourish as individuals who are highly advanced in science and technology, devoted to national and spiritual values, hardworking, knowledgeable, and wise at the same time.

Also, the Foundation contributes to the training of our youth to be well-equipped in every aspect by organizing educational seminars and trips.

In addition to its contributions to education, Yeni Dünya Foundation preserves the historical and cultural heritage and presents this precious treasure to the use of future generations.

Restoration of Hadım Hasan Paşa Madrasa in Cağaloğlu, which was allocated to our foundation in an abandoned state in 2005, was completed in 2012 as a result of the outstanding efforts of our foundation. Our Ankara Branch, located in the historical fabric next to Hacıbayram Mosque in Ankara, started to operate in its new location since January 2015.

Our foundation continues its institutionalization activities by opening branches and representative offices throughout the country.

Our Mission

Our Foundation, which started working with an understanding of “We work for a new world” in mind; contributes to the development and progression of our nation in peace by ensuring that our youth is committed to our national and spiritual values and that they become knowledgeable, open-minded and enlightened people with high moral values.

Our Vision

It is to educate youth with solid personality and character who do not hesitate to take responsibility for the establishment of a new world, who are ready to devote themselves to their country and humanity.